Mosaic Surgical worked with June Medical to design and develop Galaxy II which is a self-retaining, single use, retractor system that helps provide clear visualisation, optimal exposure and access to the operative area during surgical procedures. 


The retractor system consists of a sterile disposable retractor ring and sterile elastic stays and a Catheter Drain/Clip. The flexible and adjustable system allows for optimal angles of retraction providing better clarity and ease of use.


The stay hooks are placed into the tissue and the elastic inserted into slots on the ring providing counter traction. The slots on the ring easily secure the stays in place, but will readily release it when rapid re-position is required.


Galaxy is available in 2 shapes; the snowman and square and three stay types; the 5mm sharp and blunt stays and 12mm blunt stays. A catheter/Drain is also included with every Kit. These options ensure that the retractor system can facilitate a wide range of procedures including urology, gynaecology, colorectal, tracheotomy and general surgery.

CAM lock system

Our new surgeon inspired CAM lock system enables users to swiftly adapt the retractor to the needs of the procedure. The lock allows the retractor to be adjusted one handed, with one motion; as seen below. 


We worked with winner of First Women’s Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017, Angela Spang to develop Galaxy II. Here is what she had to say after receiving her first shipment.

Since using the product Angela stated "GALAXY II is the best planned and designed product I’ve ever taken to market, despite having launched NUMEROUS medical devices during my 20 years in healthcare."


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